3 (58) | June, 2020

Table of contents


Markets. Prices. Forecasts

Raw material base: volatile stabilization in the face of uncertainty

Foreign trade: signals are positive but weak

The milk crisis caused by Covid-19: fear is greater than its impact

World factors and feed market in Ukraine

Business strategy

Genetics on Ukrainian farms. Quo vadis?

Heifers are never too much. The experience of Moloko Vitchyzny LLC (Sumy region)

Profitable composting: overview and selection of equipment

Safety and quality of milk

Dairy "arbitrator". The experience of work of Promin LLC (Mykolaiv region)

Technologies. Researches. Innovations

How to increase milk yield: choose your own way

10 steps for a successful transition period

Magnesium is the most important macroelement

Choline and intrauterine programming of calf productivity

Water and calf health

Control of the mineral content in rations

Forage: how to manage nutritional variability

Reproduction. The experience of Kolos agricultural firm (Kyiv region)

Lameness: it's not just about feeding

Philosophy of life

How and why you should laugh, even if the whole world is against you

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