2 (39) | April, 2017

Table of contents


Subsidies: long path to agrarian

Epizootic outbreak can endanger the existence of Ukrainian dairy sector

Xth International Dairy Congress

AVM News

Closer to consumers and prices control though the cooperation

Markets. Prices. Forecasts

Season of big milk: to be or not to be?

Ukrainian milk processing industry: falling is continue

World dairy market: stocks put pressure on prices

Feeds become cheaper

Feeds: products of processing

Business strategy

Ukraine is still at the beginning of potential shift in agriculture. Interview with Heinz Pottinger, managing co-founder of POTTINGER Landtechnik GmbH (Austria)

OPEN LOTS: Ukrainian experience

Technologies. Researches. Innovations

Analysing analysis: new opportunities

Best Alfalfa Silo-2016: results of the competition

Harvesting of alfalfa silo-2016: lessons and conclusions

Experience in harvesting forages in LLC Vitchyzna (Sumy region)

Pick up, crush, press

Protein feeding: the golden mean

Marking the root of the tail method of heat detection for cows

Diseases of the uterus in the post-calving period

Application of the drug Kaltenon: dairy farms experience

Management classics

How not to become a puppet in the hands of subordinates

Profitable Pig Production magazine