1 (56) | February, 2020

Table of contents


AMP: lessons of 2019 and perspectives of 2020

Markets. Prices. Forecasts

National dairy industry: outcome of 2019

Milk processing: the amount of raw milk has been significantly reduced

Processing: minus 45 thsd tons per year - a lot or little?

World dairy industry: cautious optimism

World feed market and Ukrainian prospects

Business strategy

The market does not forgive mistakes or make presents. Interview with Fedir Roshka, CEO of Moloko Vitchyzny (Sumy Region)

Profitable composting

Management and economics

Heat stress and economics of milk production

Technologies. Researches. Innovations

Ventilation of livestock buildings

Quality forage is the result of teamwork

Gentleman's Set: choosing harvesting machines

The role of choline for a successful transition period

Three key principles for placing waterers

Milking cows health management

Optimization of rumen function: Belarusian experience

Feed mill design: what to consider?

Efficient milking of cows

Cattle endometritis what is a real cause?

Calcium, phosphorus and magnesium balance in dairy cows is the key to improving productivity

Magic lame shot: a marketing bubble or a breakthrough

Ovsynch Protocol and its modifications

Management classics

Why employees keep quiet about mistakes and what to do about it

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