1 (32) | February, 2016

Table of contents


Point of view. Extra milk and a sign of quality. Interview with Andrey Yarmak, the economist of the investment department of the FAO

Mission Feed the Future started

AVM News

New Challenges - New Solutions

In tune with the times

Markets. Prices. Forecasts

Ukrainian cattle breeding: what we have and what to expect

Processing: expanding horizons

African horizons of Ukrainian milk

The global dairy market: production is still increasing

Feeds: feed grains and oilseeds

Concentrated feeds

Experts opinion. Grain: keep or sell

Business strategy

Running dairy business under new political and economic conditions in the south of Ukraine. Interview with Vladimir Khvostov, director of LLC "Trade House "Dolinskoe"" (Kherson region).

Simple and complicated goat breeding. Interview with Yuri Grinchenko, SE "DeLaval"

Work during the crisis - it is always a challenge. Interview with Irina Kukhtin, director of the purchasing department of the company "Danone"

European values in the Ukrainian business

Technologies. Researches. Innovations


Process regulations of alfalfa silage

Checklist of alfalfa silage/haylage storage

Choline for transition period cows

Universal Soldier by CLAAS

How to grow healthy calves. Practical advice

Mastitis in cows: the underlying causes and contributing factors

Effect of deactivator in the dairy cows feeds, contaminated with mycotoxins

Fattening of steers of dairy breeds

Management classics

Beware of the 'good guys', or a requiem for the "caring" leaders

Profitable Pig Production magazine