1 (62) | February, 2021

Table of contents


Three dairy products a day

150 years of success with Poettinger

Markets. Prices. Forecasts

Ukrainian milk market

World market: results and forecasts

Feed: price trends, China's exit and sowing

Business strategy

Farm as a way of life. Interview with Olga Polozova, Director of Krasnogirske LLC (Cherkasy Region)

Technologies. Researches. Innovations

Alfalfa growing technology: how to choose a variety

Feeding transit cows with a an Aspergillus oryzae-derived additive: research results

Wilting and swathing: prioritize correctly

Feel the difference: balers from KUHN

How to prevent heating of already mixed and distributed to cows feed

Vitamin supplements: how much does a cow really need

The main way is the way from a calf to a cow

Forage for calves: when, how and how much to give

Laboratory diagnosis of neosporosis and ways of elimination of the pathogen from the herd

What affects the cooling efficiency of cows

Ventilation for a quality microclimate in your barns

Holsteins or crosses? Weighing pros and cons

Philosophy of life

Inherited business

Profitable Pig Production magazine