2 (45) | April, 2018

Table of contents


The best dairy enterprises: winners of the nominations at XI International Milk Congress

Results of the contest for the best alfalfa silage 2017

Markets. Prices. Forecasts

Dances on old rakes

Milk processing: results of the quarter

World dairy market: will it be again a painting in oils?

Feeds: dry weather warms up prices

Business strategy

Simplicity, efficiency and manufacturability. Interview with Alexey Vasilchenko, deputy director of the agrofirm Mayak (Cherkasy region).

The status national does not interfere with development. Experience of the State Enterprise research farm Askaniiske (Kherson region)

Management and economics

Benchmarking: compare and analyze to milk and earn

Safety and quality of milk

Milk safety in a European way: features of cooperation between farmers, plants and dairy laboratories

Technologies. Researches. Innovations

Efficiency of feed production: how many cows hectare can feed

Irrigation from the ground up

Quality of silage: half a century of work and experience

Transition period: prevention of fatty liver and ketosis syndrome

Feeding for milking, health and reproduction

Beet pulp: to know and preserve the value

Ahead of the curve

Mastitis and antibiotics: the American approach

Prevention and treatment of mastitis: Estonian experience

Modern methods of complex vaccination against respiratory syndrome of cattle

Profitable comfort

Microclimate management in barns

International experience

Agricultural Doyle's School

Management classics

Opposite exploitation, or the oppressed worker is dedicated to

Profitable Pig Production magazine