3 (34) | June, 2016

Table of contents


Point of view. Taxation: how much corruption costs and what could help

Point of view. The land issue

AVM News

Forage conservation: from theory to practice

Markets. Prices. Forecasts

Ukrainian cattle breeding: new season - old problems

Milk processing: Export dictates conditions

World market: there are signals of recovery

Feed Market: end of season is in plus

Feeds: by-products

Cooperation - a child of poverty and mother of well-being

European perspectives of regulatory policy for the dairy industry

The quality of milk under the microscope

Business strategy

About the symbiosis of science and industry, the right to form technology, Ukrainian potential and farm. Interview with Leonid Tsentylo, the director of Agrofirma Kolos LLC (Kiev region).

Our tomorrow we build today. Interview with Vadim Andrushchak, director of "Potinger Ukraine"

Blue fuel for farmers

Management and economics

The genomic evaluation - selection of the best dairy countries. Why it is not Ukrainian?

Precision livestock farming

What corn is it more expedient to feed

Technologies. Researches. Innovations

7 criteria of silage quality evaluation

Amino acid nutrition and reproduction

BIOCHEM: 30-year-old philosophy of safe feeding for a healthy diet

Protected choline for the cows in the transition period

Briefs: Research News

Heat and feeding

Heat stress: the risks and counteracting

Management of mastitis of cows

The beneficial bacteria in the intestinal microflora protection of calves

Management classics

The territory of the boss, or who's boss?

Philosophy of life

Returns and exchanges can not be done!

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