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Three dairy products a day

03.03.2021 15:43:20

Three dairy products a day

Closer to consumers and prices control though the cooperation

05.05.2017 05:37:42

The season of big milk came to Ukraine this year much earlier than always — at the end of January. So processors decided to begin to decrease purchase prices. The farmer gets less and less, but consumers should pay same money. In case with cheese and butter — even more.

National Farm Day 2016 at Yekaterinoslavsky

26.08.2016 08:39:58

Reducing the cost of milk is one of the main factors of business saving. That is why the past few years, the quality of roughage — the basis of the ration, the guarantee of health and productivity of livestock — are constantly in the spotlight of the Association of Dairy Producers.

New Challenges New Solutions

22.02.2016 07:59:18

Andrey Dykun, the initiator of the Assosiation of Milk Producers of Ukraine, said what was the last year for AMP and for the industry as a whole, what to focus on and in which direction to move.

In tune with the times

22.02.2016 07:55:47

Dairy farming doesn't stand still, new technologies constantly come into the industry. However, at the farms they appear earlier than in institutions which train future workers for dairy enterprises.

III Ukrainian Milk Day

18.09.2015 10:04:09

This year it was celebrated on August 16 in Kiev. Thanks to the organizers of the event - Association of Dairy Producers (ADP) and social project "I love milk" – “Singing field" park for one day turned into a real dairy country. More than 25 thousand people from Kiev and visitors came to the festival to support good tradition.

Denis Sergienko: The time, when everyone is playing in his sandbox, passed

15.05.2015 15:57:47

The price of milk determines the Ukrainian market. End-users in the last year became poor with empty wallets. We loose markets in the Crimea, Donbass, in Russia. Exports in Southeast Asia, which could absorb a significant part of our dairy products, are very sluggish. If there are no preconditions for the growth of the price of milk, it is necessary to look for reserves in itself. The director of the Advisory Center ADP Denis Sergienko is convinced in it. And even today, when the circumstances are such that the cost can exceed the maximum price, it does not mean you have to cull the cows. Maybe it makes sense to transfer certain funds to the livestock from crop. Because losing a heard today, tomorrow it will not return. And the years of investment in equipment and technology will be used in anywhere.

6 Liters Two Full Three Liter Jars or Almost Full Bucket

09.01.2014 11:51:42

Viktoria Sova

This is the amount an average Ukrainian has added to his yearly portion of milk. This rise has appeared to be the first for the last couple of years. Ukrainian Dairy Association (UDA) also made efforts to obtain such results. How has it helped? What social projects and events has it taken part in? What were the first results? What is there in plans? Read all the answers below.

Dutch Milk Day in Ukraine

25.10.2013 13:49:27

Olga Zarytska

It was celebrated on September, 17 in Cherkasy region. The event organizers are “Dykun Global Consult” company, the Netherlands Embassy in Ukraine and Association of Dairy Producers. Among the sponsors of the Dutch Dairy Day in Ukraine were MSD Animal Health, UNIFORM-AGRI, Lely East, Agroinmash, Norvet, Ukragropostach.

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