5 (18) | October, 2013

Table of contents


Innovative Technologies in Goat and Sheep Breeding

AVM News

Legislative and public initiatives

Popularization of milk

Ukraine through the foreigners eyes

Dutch Milk Day in Ukraine

Association of Dairy Producers of Ukraine - development strategy

Markets. Prices. Forecasts

Cattle breeding: uncertain prospects

Dairy industry: the market dictates conditions

The Global Dairy Market

Feed Market

Milk Rivers for the Black Continent

Our interviews

Ukrainian milk with Dutch flavor. Interview with Kornelis Huizinga, director of "Kischentsy" (Cherkasy region)

Legal terrain

Purchase of agricultural enterprise

Do milkmn need fixed agricultural tax?

Management and economics

Personnel for dairy farming

Technique that makes money

Winter preparation

Technologies. Researches. Innovations

Fat and protein content in the milk

Protected diet for high yielding cows

The use of organically bound minerals in the feeding of cows

Save time and money

Rape by-products in the feeding of dairy cattle

And the straw will be eaten, if properly cooked

To avoid paying twice

Anti- ketosis program

Hoof care: why, when, how

Management classics

Tales of consulting tribes

Philosophy of life

The Parable about consulting

Milkmn meridians

At the edge of the Earth

Profitable Pig Production magazine