2 (33) | April, 2016

Table of contents


Point of view. Dairy products - to the right, milk-containing products - to the left!

Eastern Europe Dairy Congress

Point of view. Cooperation - charity or business?

AVM News

Milk tour of Georgians around Ukraine

The Association of dairy producers: we are 7!

Markets. Prices. Forecasts

Dairy cattle breeding: stable does not mean good

Dairy processing industry: results of the first quarter

Consumer sentiment: how priorities change

African horizons of Ukrainian milk: retail

Milk that did not fit into the glass

Feeds: feed grain and oilseeds

Concentrated feed

Expert's opinion. Will the price for grain increase?

Business strategy

Be the first is the risk, challenge and responsibility (experience of LLC "Ukrainian dairy company", Kyiv region).

Management and economics

Employees are our most important asset

Benchmarking in the dairy business

The quality of roughage and money

Technologies. Researches. Innovations

Strength is in a silo

Silage film: thickness does matter?

Organic trace minerals - the key to healthy feeding

News briefs: experience of the world dairy farms

Prepartum and postpartum nutritional management for optimal fertility in high-yielding dairy cows

Humic acids on the protection of milk

Flies should not be neglected

The calf on the bedding - the milk in the tank

Management classics

How the "temperature" of the leader influences the decision-making

Profitable Pig Production magazine