3 (10) | June, 2012

Table of contents


AVM News

Veterinarians attended a seminar in Turkey

Healthy Children Healthy Nation

Markets. Prices. Forecasts

Production and dairy market in Ukraine

External trade

Dairy Products Market in EU. Condition and predictions

Our interviews

Virus of host. Interview with Sergiy Chyzhyk, General Director of Vitchyzna (Sumy region)

Management and economics

Cooperatives. Is it so simple?

Beef Production profit or losses?

Learn to be successful

Advice from a consultant on using consultants

Technologies. Researches. Innovations

Place under the Sun

Once again about the pulp

Silage additives why they are needed

How to save protein during ensiling

Created for work

Effective use of probiotics in the diets of cows and calves

Subclinical ketosis causes economic expenses

Bronchopneumonia in calves

Protected Fat for Cows

International experience

Austrians shared their experience of storing roughage

Management of reproduction in high yielding herds in the hot climate of Israel

Dairy history

Sources of dairy cooperation in Ukrainian lands

Management classics

Business as a source of fear, or attack Yourself

Philosophy of life

Corporate humor

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