1 (08) | February, 2012

Table of contents


AVM News

The history of one association

Markets. Prices. Forecasts

Dairy cattle breeding in Ukraine. Results of the year

Top of milk producers of Ukraine

Milk processing of 2011

Our interviews

Pavlo Marushchak. Success is a set of correct solutions and technologies

Management and economics

Year with ADP: the flight is normal, moving upwards!

Beef with American accent.

How properly to control the appetite of dairy cattle.

How forages affect your pockets.

rib note for employers: how to avoid mistakes when choosing a specialist.

Technologies. Researches. Innovations

Analyzing the quality of a silage during harvest.

Strategies for improving reproduction during heat stress.

Protected Fat for Cows.

Ask the expert

Products, protected from decay in the rumen, in cattle feeding.

The value of live yeast in cows' feeding.

The optimal start for healthy calves.

Quality milk and hygiene.

International experience

American dairy farm.

Dairy history

Where are the Ukrainian cow's horns growing from?

Management classics

Cat in boots. Tale for top managers.

Philosophy of life

Corporate humor

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