5 (48) | October, 2018

Table of contents


National Farm Day in "Veleten": a farm without stereotypes

Dutch Milk Day in Cherkasy region

AMP News

Markets. Prices. Forecasts

Seasonality and pricing: dependence weakens

Processing: to whom and how Ukrainian products suit

Developing a Regional Dairy Exporting Cluster in Ukraine

Turbulence zone continues

Feeds: prices for oilseeds will grow

Beef: close and distant horizons

New perspectives of Ukrainian beef

Business strategy

Two in one, or How to make pluses from minuses. Interview with Rostislav Zinovsky, the owner of Shabskaya Farm and European Cheese Dairy (Odessa region)

Dairy business does not forgive a superficial approach. Interview with Anatoly Vitruk, Director of Progress LLC (Volyn region)

Technologies. Researches. Innovations

High-quality silage for better profitability

Grind or not grind - that is the question

Controlled nitrogen release is an important tool for optimizing rumen function

Feed Hygiene at the Feed Station

The value of yeast for productivity and reproduction

Barn floor and notching

Renewable manure bedding: what? how? what for?

How long should a cow live?

SCC and milk quality

Endometritis control. Experience of "Slobodische" LLC (Zhytomyr region)

Management classics

Looking for professionals

Profitable Pig Production magazine