One step from the technology, three from profit

22.09.2011 16:46:26

Vladimir Khvostov, director of «Torgovyi Dim“Dolinskoye”», about the features of milk business in southern Ukraine

His path into business and dairy industry, in particular, is very similar to the way of many children from changeover time. Time was changing and the moral foundations were changing too, young people began to engage in business being students. Later in his business appeared milk, though at first it was not production or even processing. Raw milk was bought or traded for oil. It was rented for processing as goods made on commission, for it cheese was given, butter, or other that had great demand, was sold. Then they began to realize that buying and selling without its own production has no future and that the production is a prerequisite for development and prosperity. Lack of special education did not prevent the development of its own agricultural business — growing grain and milk production. Zeal, charisma, organizational skills, to some extent adventurism and a great desire to achieve the goal did the trick. «We surrounded ourselves with experts: agriculturists, technologists who understood the production. We were growing up together with them and they also changed — we all depart from sovietdom, chose for ourselves the most promising areas of production. We understood that it must be a business that gives the best results and maximum profits. Of course, first we kept the technology and crop rotation», — saidVladimir.

Evhenia Uvarkina: When we unite, we become a force to be reckoned with

11.04.2011 15:25:31

Evhenia, what do you think about the union of producers? What should it be? What is their purpose?

I am firmly convinced that nowadays the milk producers in Russia and Ukraine are ready to adequately defend themselves and their interests through unions and associations. All those problems that are in the field — constant fluctuations in milk prices, the permanent opposition of producers and processors with tug of war, technology issues — made me think what to do to change things for the better.

Thus, I have had the idea, which can be conventionally called a “pyramid”. At the heart of the pyramid there are four anchor points.

The first point is the regional associations of milk producers or in other words, subsidiaries of the Federal Union Soyuzmoloko. These are non-profit associations involved in public activity. For such a big country like Russia, there is a need in high-quality work of regional alliances, which in turn will allow to do better work under the Federal Union and a more stable dairy industry, accordingly.

Vadim Chagarovskyy: We should learn to abide by the rules

11.04.2011 14:43:40

Vadim Chaharovskyi, Chairman of the Directors Board of Dairy Enterprises Union of Ukraine.

Chaharovskyi Vadim Petrovych, a graduate from Odessa Technological Institute of Food Industry University named afterM.V. Lomonosov, PhD.

From 1986 to 1992 he worked as an assistant professor of dairy technology and food drying in Odessa Technological Institute of Food Industry. In 1992 he was appointed as a deputy director of production and raw materials of the Ukrainian-Italian joint venture Odytalat.

He was the director of Balta dairy products plant for children, technical manager of Parmalat Ukraine. Since 1998, he managed Galakton, dairy plant.

In 2006, he headed the construction of Bilotserkivskyi milk processing plant. Nowadays Vadim Petrovych is a Vice-president of a managing company Terra Food. Since 2010, he is a Member of the Supervisory Board.

Since 2004, he has been the Chairman of Union of Dairy Enterprises of Ukraine. Awarded with the Diploma of Honour by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, Diploma of “Man of the Year — 2002” in nomination “Manager of the Year”, Diploma of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine for special merits. He has the title “Honored Worker of Industry of Ukraine”.

About public affairs

11.04.2011 10:32:07

Serhii Bykov, Deputy Minister of Agrarian Policy of Ukraine, about the prospects of the dairy sector in Ukraine

Bykov, Serhii Viktorovych, graduated from Kharkiv Veterinary Institute (1984) and the Dnipropetrovsk Regional Institute of Public Administration (2002).He started his work experience as senior veterinarian at state farm-mill “Vuglegirskyi” (Donetsk region). He has held senior positions in agricultural enterprises and local authorities in Ivano-Frankivsk, Luhansk and Donetsk regions. Since April, 2006 to May, 2010 — Director, CEO, Chairman of the "Ukrainian Dairy Company" (Kyiv), the largest dairy complex in Ukraine. Since May, 2010 — Deputy Minister of Agrarian Policy of Ukraine.

Elman Orudzhov: We are ready to compete with world leaders in milk production

11.04.2011 08:45:34

Elman Hasanovych Orudzhov,Expert, Consultant on dairy cattle

milkua: You researched dairy cattle breeding in many countries. How do you assess the potential of dairy sector in Ukraine?

Let us consider the basic factors that affect the dairy industry. First of all, it’s a forage base. Where are the most fruitful soil in the world nowadays? In Ukraine. Thus, natural and climatic conditions we have are just ideal for the development of this industry.

Secondly, it is the geographical location of our country. Major world markets — Russia and Asia — are close to us, and the Black Sea offers unique opportunities for export.

We have all the prerequisites for the successful management of dairy cattle breeding in Ukraine.

When choosing a location of the farm, it is worth paying attention to culture and religion of the population living there. For example, in the UAE you can’t build a pig complex because it would be contrary to their religion. In Ukraine, hundreds of years a cow is a nurse family, it is an integral part of the culture of our people. In addition, Ukrainians realize that one can get loaves and fishes only through the work. We aren’t spoilt by nature as, for example, Russians are, who do not have to work, you can simply go hunting and live only using the gifts of nature.

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