4 (41) | August, 2017

Table of contents


Markets. Prices. Forecasts

Dairy cattle breeding in Ukraine: results of the first half of a year

An outlook on the world dairy market

Forages: start of a new season

Products of processing

Business strategy

Development instead of "band-aid" approach. Experience of FE "Piskivske" (Chernihiv region)

Penny make a penny. Interview with Leonid and Tatiana Minaev, LLC Nova Niva (Donetsk region)

Barns for a happy cows

How to earn consumers confidence to domestic dairy products. Interview with Andrei Yarmak, economist of the FAO investment department

The third force: the formation of cooperation of milk producers in Ukraine. Interview with Olena Zhupinas, the head of the AMP project Wholesale milk marketing

Management and economics

Expensive inefficiency. New challenges in the global dairy industry

Dairy mathematics. Comparative economic analysis as a tool for increasing the profitability of dairy business

Technologies. Researches. Innovations

Fat metabolism in cows of the transit period

Feed analysis: hidden opportunities

Forage conservation without mistakes

Characteristic of corn silage in rumen

A powerful offensive on the fodder preparation front. Owerview of forage harvesters New Holland, John Deer and Claas

Importance of protein for dairy cows

Management classics

Managers style

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