1 (14) | February, 2013

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AVM News

Future is in association!

Milk mustache, or Stars love milk!

Markets. Prices. Forecasts

Production and Dairy Market in Ukraine

Feed Market

Updates in dairy production

EU dairy market: current situation and prognosis

Our interviews

A hobby that became a business. Interview with Nadiya Vailo, director of "Veleten" (Sumy region)

Protecting Milk

ompletely different philosophy

Private sector

Cooperators from Polissya

Management and economics

Equation with many unknowns

To milk little is not profitable (continued)

Infertility of heifers:economic losses

Cheap and ... effective

Spend to save

Technologies. Researches. Innovations

Feeding of dry cows and heifers

How to detect adulteration of soybean meal

How can you control the atmosphere in the barns

Now's the time for your summer cooling plan

Dry cows also need cooling in summer

Virus diarrhea in cattle

International experience

Cooperative movement in dairy production: American and European experience

Dairy history

How we were catching up with America

Management classics

Innovation in Organizations: warned means armed

Philosophy of life

Corporate humor

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