6 (13) | December, 2012

Table of contents


AVM News

Seminar at the dairy farm Katerynoslavskii

General meeting of the Association of Dairy Producers of Ukraine

Milk to Children! The interview with Andrii Dykun, the President of ADPU

Markets. Prices. Forecasts

Dairy production in Ukraine: results of the year

Export and Import of dairy production

Feed market

Is agrarian sector a State priority?

About milk processing and consumption in 2012

Our interviews

One man no man. Interview with Mykola Monashok, the General Director of AF MUNNT (Kirovograd region)

Private sector

World commodity crisis and private sector

Management and economics

To milk little is not profitable

The economics of dairy production at the big complexes

Insurance for farmer

Technologies. Researches. Innovations

The technology of full mixed ration

The role of different kinds of fiber during the cattle feeding

There is the alternative for big forage harvester!

The impact of ergotoxines on cows

The protection of cows from mycotoxins

Is dairy grazing for you?

Lameness upsets reproductive balance

What is the ideal waiting period?

Main approaches to the control of infectious bovine rhinotracheitis

Factors that affect the usage of stalls in free-stall keeping

Dairy history

Post-war dairy production in Ukraine

Management classics

Why apples fall?

For lose manager

Philosophy of life

A short story about motivation

Corporate humor

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