3 (28) | June, 2015

Table of contents


How to cancel VAT with benefit for agribusiness

Feed production: new technical solutions and experience

Checking for compliance with international standards was successful

AVM News

Markets. Prices. Forecasts

Ukrainian cattle breeding: the crisis is delayed

Milk processing: release falls after the prices

World market: the embargo is doing its dirty work

Feed: new marketing year begins with large risks

Concentrated feeds

Expert opinion. Rain falls on the evil and the good

Our interviews

It is necessary to fight for the market and make it by all available methods. Interview with Vitaliy Bashynskii

Management and economics

Revival of organic: the economy of application

Treatise on dairy cattle breeding. Black-and-white cattle in Ukraine

Economy of milk production once again on the agenda

Technologies. Researches. Innovations

Selection of silage hybrids: profit per cow and per hectare?

Milk from forage-2015: to feed the same - to get more

The focus-test from DLG

Straw in the diets of dairy cows

Heat stress and its effect on metabolism and productivity

Five common mistakes of harvesting corn silage

Comfortable environment for maximum productivity

Growing of dairy cattle

Advantages of embryos transplantation

Modern production of veterinary drugs: quality and service are first

Disinfection: effective, economical and environmental

Management classics

Carrot and stick

Profitable Pig Production magazine