2 (51) | April, 2019

Table of contents


Results of the contest The best alfalfa silage - 2018

AMP: ten years together. Blitz interview with AMP members

Markets. Prices. Forecasts

Butterless sandwich

Dairy Ukraine

World dairy production: change of players is possible

Global trends in feed production

Feeds in Ukraine: what to expect after a protracted decline in prices?

Business strategy

Modern milk production: professionalism, reserves, investments. Interview with Oleg Shishkunov, General Director of PP Rodina (Kharkiv region)

Management and economics

Farm in the smartphone

Technologies. Researches. Innovations

Cross-breeding as an alternative way to change the breed

Increasing profitability: cross-breeds for beef production

Where lies the profits of the modern farm. Interview with Jude Heinrichs, Professor at the University of Pennsylvania

Feeding a highly productive cow: rumen health and optimal digestion

One soldier does make a battle

Corn: Golden Rules of Silage making

Transition period: dispelling myths with Dr. Rick Grumer

From problem to superiority, from expenses to income

Modern approaches to the treatment of cows with clinical mastitis

Identification of farm mastitis pathogens

Calcium deficiency in cows: pitfalls

International experience

Genomics in the Irish dairy industry

Management classics

False installations that can be fatal to business

Profitable Pig Production magazine