5 (78) | October, 2023

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AVM News

XV International Dairy Congress. We will withstand, endure and win

Expanding horizons: peculiarities of the organization of cow breeding in Israel

Agro is about the future and development. Interview with Olena Yaroshynska, director of strategic development of the Ukrainian Agrarian Lyceum (Cherkasy Region)

Markets. Prices. Forecasts

Prices, weather and preparations for the holidays are driving global demand for dairy products

Feeds and feed production

Farm of the war period

A bet on efficiency and greater profit per hectare of land. Interview with Serhii Strilets, director of Kukovitske LLC (Chernihiv region)

Management and economics

Economy is not savings, but efficient use of funds

The formula for an efficient dairy herd

Technologies. Researches. Innovations

Non-nutritional factors and milk productivity

High milk yield is a biomarker of health

Review of causes and features of laboratory diagnosis of respiratory diseases of cattle

Coxiellosis: diagnosis, treatment and prevention

Prevention of mastitis caused by environmental pathogens

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