1 (26) | February, 2015

Table of contents


AVM News

Association of Dairy Producers: Reloading

Farm-leaders of ADP

Markets. Prices. Forecasts

Cattle breeding in Ukraine: results of 2014

Beef cattle breeding

Dairy processing industry of Ukraine

World market: a test of strength

Feeds: feed grains and oilseeds

New year, new prices and old problems

Experts opinion. Small does not mean weak

What we feed and sell: European legislation demands to feed and beef

Our interviews

Survival strategy during the crisis. Interview with Vasil Bulakh, director of PAE "Avanguard" (Bakhmach district, Chernihiv region.)

Management and economics

Treatise on dairy cattle. Holsteins

Common interests knit

Service? Why?

How to make feeding profitable

Technologies. Researches. Innovations

Ways to improve the digestibility of silage and increase milk production

Cows protection from mycotoxins

The value of live yeast in cows feeding

Hay for calves: Pros and Cons

Pneumonia in calves

Complex application of probiotics and apifito products in milk production

Sand Bedding: important details

Management classics

Constructive feedback from subordinates

Philosophy of life

Profitable Pig Production magazine