6 (37) | December, 2016

Table of contents


Changes in agricultural law

Ukrainian trading missions

Cooperation: first steps, restrictive factors and perspectives

Agrarian Olymp 2016

VI Zoetis International Congress

Markets. Prices. Forecasts

Dairy stockbreeding of Ukraine

Ukrainian milk processing branch

Euro integration: hardship of law harmonisation

Dairy market of MENA region: specifications of retail

World dairy market: preliminary years results

Fodder grain and oil crops: supply pressures on prices

Forage: by-products

Business strategy

Dreams come true. History of the dairy production on JLLC "Dream" development (Kharkiv region).

Margin dictates rules

Legal terrain

Mechanisms of lad rights transformation: how to skirt prohibitions

Technologies. Researches. Innovations

Gold and silver awards of agriculture exhibition EuroTier

Key aspects in corn silage harvesting

Genetic potential of silage hybrids: milk and economy

The role of choline in fat metabolism of dairy cows during transit period

Nanotechnologies in livestock breeding: enteronormin

Calves metabolic programming

How to increase forage nutritional value

International experience

To economy though high technologies

Estonian experience for Ukrainian farms

Latvian grain cooperative

Latvian wood larks

Management classics

Managers and subordinates, how to break through the wall of mistrust and misunderstanding

Few inches far from perfection

Profitable Pig Production magazine