Dairy cooperatives: five ways to improve farm profitability

Dairy cooperatives: five ways to improve farm profitability

Developing a Regional Dairy Exporting Cluster in Ukraine

Even though Ukraine produced 10.3 billion kg of milk in 2017, or 1.5% of global milk production, only 4.3 billion kilograms or 42% of this milk is processed due to farm holding size, milk quality, and milk collecting logistics challenges.

World prospects of Ukrainian beef

On November 24, in the framework of the food exhibition Ukrainian Food Expo, the first congress of beef producers and exporters of the Ukrainian Beef Congress was held. The highlight of the congress was the presentation of business plans for fattening young cattle, slaughter and processing developed by the FAO/EBRD special project.

Cooperation a child of poverty and mother of well-being

One of the main problems of development of small and medium business in Ukraine is a problem of effective marketing of agricultural products they produced, especially in international markets. Basically this is due to insufficient volumes to independent trade abroad.

Jacob Brandt: Poor farmers in a good year earns less than a good farmer in the poor year

Since 2004, except for a sharp decline in 2009, the purchase price for milk in the world gradually increased against the background of increasing demand. In the first half of 2015 the situation changed dramatically for several reasons, particularly because of reduced purchases by China, Russian embargo on European and US dairy products and the abolition of quotas on milk production in the EU.

Will the new sunflower meal be cheaper?

Valery Pekin, the analyst of «Phoenix Agro»

End of 2014/15 marketing year was marked by a deficit in the domestic market of sunflower. Farmers considered unworthy purchase prices and didn’t sale oilseeds.

Concentrated feeds

ValeriyaPekin, agricultural market analyst company "Phoenix Agro"

Brewer’s grain

The main factors determining the price of grain in the domestic market, is a reorientation of the export sales of the product and the fluctuations of the national currency. The tone is set in pricing the big players. In late April, Ukraine's grain worth 4600-5000 USD./t (EXW).

What we feed and sell: European legislation demands to feed and beef

Ruslana Butylo, Head of Anlytical Department of Dykun Company

We continue a series of articles about the requirements of the EU to conduct milk and meat business. This time, our attention is focused on the hygiene of feeds, animal identification and labeling requirements of beef.

Spilled water cannot be collected or the Efficiency of water use in the dairy industry

Ruslan Butylo, head of the analytical department of the company «Dykun»

In the nearest future, Earth's population can face one of the biggest challenges in its history - a shortage of drinking water. Already, one in six Earthling is experiencing shortage of fresh water. It is known that considerable volumes of water are used for industrial production, and its wastes pollute sources.

Will Georgians taste Ukrainian milk?

Ruslana Butylo

Ukrainian farmers are looking for new markets, which in the future replace Russian market. From 15 to 17 September, 2014 there was a trade mission to Georgia, which was attended by representatives of the agricultural and processing enterprises of Ukraine. Minister of Agriculture and Food Ihor Shvaika headed the delegation. In his speech at the Georgian-Ukrainian business forum, he stressed the need to establish new contacts and expand cooperation. Ministers of both countries signed a protocol. What might be interesting for Ukrainian producers in Georgia? Let us find out.

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