2 (09) | April, 2012

Table of contents


Ukrainian dairymen tend to unite the interests of producers and processors

AVM News

Consulting Center of UDA the usual consulting or simulation of development of the domestic dairy production?

Markets. Prices. Forecasts

Production and dairy market in Ukraine

Ukrainian feed market. The price of demand and supply

Cheese makers in the siege

Our interviews

Dairy oasis in the desert. Interview with Ali al Rakban, General Director of Al Faisaliah Group (Saudi Arabia)

Management and economics

Horny hostages

Game without rules: pirates of Ukrainian steppe

Dairy rivers of Ugryniv

Sexed semen pros and cons

Technologies. Researches. Innovations

More milk out of grass

Silage corn for dairy livestock

All depends on feed quality!

What are we talking about when talking about the quality of grass silage

Influence of nutrition on hooves health

Efficiency of probiotic preparation Batsell in the cows diets

Do your cows easily lie down in the cubicles?

Effective cleaning

Dry period

MEGALAC energy for cows!

Three simple rules for control and evaluation of reproduction at the farm

Dairy history

Crowned cow and ringed bull

Management classics

33 myths about work and workers

Philosophy of life

Corporate humor

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