5 (30) | October, 2015

Table of contents


III Dutch Milk Day in Ukraine

Milk race with obstacles

The rebirth of the dairy farm

Markets. Prices. Forecasts

Ukrainian dairy industry: results of three quarters

Lack of demand or oversupply and Ukrainian prospects. Market analysis and forecasts of Jacob Brandt (Rabobank)

Return to the Chinese market

The world dairy market: mirage of thaw

Feed grain: the quality of the harvest presses on prices

Concentrated feed

Expert opinion. Risks of economy

Business strategy

How to win a place under the sun. Experience of "Plemzavod "Stepnoi"" (Kamensko-Dniprovskii district, Zaporizhia region).

Quality without delay. Interview with Victor Prokopenko, General Director of JSC "Pervomajskij Dairy Plant".

Vectors of agricultural sector development: new financial instruments. Interview with Natalia Tihovska, head of the Department of factoring and promissory notes (UniCredit Bank)

Management and economics

Our best investment

Technologies. Researches. Innovations

Silage maize hybrids: summary of harvesting season - 2015

Live spore culture in the diets of cattle

Low-protein diets for dairy cows

Non-protein nitrogen. What is it? With what is it eaten? What is withheld when they sell?

Small farm with big ambitions

Application of boluses for dry and fresh cows: the results of research

International experience

Corn challenge from Alsace

Management classics

Three Pillars of the efficiency of the dairy farm

Philosophy of life

The Parable of the purpose of life

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