Benchmarking: compare and analyze to milk and earn

Political and economic instability, which has become almost the norm of our lives, as well as constant fluctuations of prices on the milk market, make its producers increasingly cautious to count every penny and look for reserves.

Milk arithmetic. Straw Chopper: expensive or beneficial?

In fact, the dairy business is the process of constant convertion of feed to milk. Unfortunately, the principle that «the cow eat less and give more milk, she should be fed less and milked more» does not work. Therefore, each farmer asks the question: how can the funds invested in the feed be turned into milk? How to improve the conversion of feed? Let’s look for the answer together.

Dairy Mathematics

What do you think: mathematics runs a dairy farm? The Queen of Sciences provides an opportunity to see how the business «looks on paper». Thanks to mathematical actions, physical objects and phenomena turn into figures.

Economically acceptable milk: whim or necessity?

Vladimir Mironenko, LLC «Pyotinger Ukraine»

Results of the of European countries achieved over a few decades Ukrainian milk producers managed to get over the course of ten years. It is naturally, because we have adopted experience from around the world. However, together with all advanced technologies and we have repeated virtually all of the mistakes of other countries. And might just learn from the experience of others ... Nowadays many Ukrainian farms get amount of milk of the European level — 7-8 thousand liters/ cow/ year. They spend twice as much concentrated feed, milk cows less than 2 lactation — but milk.

Consulting on the farm a step into the future!

Mykhailo Bilokin, head of the veterinary department of the CC ADP

The leaders of most dairy farmrs are interested in increasing the productivity of animals, the preservation and improvement of weight gain of young stock, as it helps to improve the efficiency of production and generate additional revenue. Worldwide to achieve these goals helps service centre.

What corn is it more expedient to feed: dry ground or high-moisture

In recent years, more and more Ukrainian dairy farms are looking for opportunities to reduce the cost of milk production. The largest item of expenditure is feed. No wonder that in the information publications there are a lot of materials about silage and haylage, because their quality is the key to the health of animals and regular yields. But the question of what corn is more useful for cattle — dry or wet — and how to store it, is not closed.

The quality of roughage and money

Each product goes through certain stages of the life cycle. First, its development involve enthusiasts. When the product begins to make a profit, they want to do everything.

Employees are our most important asset

In each issue, we talk about the best international practices. This time, we share an experience of independent consultant from the United States Lindell Whitelock on example of a dairy farm Larson Acres. For many years, he accompanied the project and is convinced that the effectiveness of the farm is based on two things — the right personnel policies and successful reproduction. These issues will be covered in two materials, but first — PERSONNEL.

Benchmarking in the dairy business

Denis Sergienko, Counseling Center ADM

You can only manage what you can measure.

Peter Drucker Ferdinant

My own history with a comparative economic analysis of milk production began in 2013, when I worked as the head of an agricultural enterprise. It was interesting to compare our farm with the other, which may work more effectively. And it was not just the operating parameters (eg, milk yield), but also the cost of production, the level of conversion costs for feeding in revenue from the milk and others.

Managing a modern dairy farm

Teluk Sergii, consultant in dairy farming technologies CC ADP

Among the main trends of the dairy business in Ukraine and other former Soviet countries, witnessing reduction in the number of old dairy farms, is their reconstruction or new construction.

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