3 (22) | June, 2014

Table of contents


AVM News

Markets. Prices. Forecasts

Cattle breeding in Ukraine

Dairy industry: refocusing on the domestic market

World Cattle breeding

How events in Ukraine affect the dairy trade and industry development

Feeds: summer melting of prices

Expert opinion. New season - old problems, unpredictable risks, new hope

European integration. Hygiene under microscope

Export to Europe. The willingness of companies and the experience of neighbors

Our interviews

Efficiency of enterprise management and business success. Interview with Vasily Golubinka, General Director of "Volovikova "(Rivne region).

Management and economics

Treatise on dairy farming: breeding and selection

Secrets of cows longevity

Time to manage the staff: owners and managers chalk up

Technologies. Researches. Innovations

The quality of roughage and cost of milk

Silage technologies that hardly depend on weather conditions

Preparation and storage of quality silage

Stability of vitamins in premixes and compound feeds

Pasteurized milk calves

Seven components of effective milking

Bedding restored from manure

Intensive form of management for reproduction improvement

International experience

The way of Estonians into the European community

Management classics

Rest after the battle or the calm before the storm?

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