6 (61) | December, 2020

Table of contents


Theoretical and practical intensive "The economy of milk begins in the field."

Agricultural Worker's Day: Dolynske Trading House LLC awarded milking machine operators

Markets. Prices. Forecasts

Transformation of the dairy industry of Ukraine under the pressure of three crises: covid, climatic and political

World dairy market

Forage production in Ukraine: analysis of the current season and types of future harvest

Business strategy

Organics as a philosophy and lifestyle. Interview with Olena Stretovych, Director of Organic Milk LLC (Zhytomyr Region)

Profitable composting: summing up the year

Genetics and selection. New economic index, lifetime productivity and reliability of the forecast

Technologies. Researches. Innovations

Corn silage: a new quality indicator

Preparation of roughage. Process planning and management

Feeding calves at an early age: how it works

Control of metabolic status of cattle using biochemical studies

Urea in milk. How to interpret the results of the analysis

Vitamins for dairy cows

Own feed production: breaking stereotypes

Hypocalcemia and acidity of urine

Management classics

How to build relationships with subordinates: to influence or manipulate?

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