6 (49) | December, 2018

Table of contents


AMP officially opened the First dairy cooperative and summed up the year of work of UMAN LABS

Markets. Prices. Forecasts

Challenges and prospects of the new year

Dairy cooperatives: five ways to improve farm profitability

Ukraine and the world: double or nothing

Feed Market: Battle of the Titans

Business strategy

Between two worlds. Interview with Viktor Grechuk, General Director of Agrofirma Rassvet, LLC (Donetsk region)

Association of cheese makers was presented at the Lithuanian Embassy

Prospects for Ukrainian craft cheeses. Interview with Tatiana Dyadechko, the founder and owner of the creative gastro workshop "Koza Chka"

Technologies. Researches. Innovations

EUROTIER Gold and Silver

UMAN LABS introduced an innovative device for the diagnosis of mastitis

Automated future is already on the farm

Effect of feeding behavior on the health and reproduction

Improving the health and productivity of fresh cows

Own feed production

Revaluation of the dry period

Four Tips for Mastitis Treatment

Dispelling myths: reusable towels

Management classics

Negative thinking: what to note

Five key factors for a successful team

Best Quotes of the Year: Editor's Choice

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