1 (50) | February, 2019

Table of contents


Association of Milk Producers: ten years together. Interview with AMP Vice-President Anna Lavrenyuk

Markets. Prices. Forecasts

Ukrainian dairy industry: changing the vector

World dairy production: prices are turning off to the runway

Feeds: strengthening of the national currency is not at farmers' hand

Price risks and how to avoid them

Business strategy

Between two worlds. Interview with Lyubov Polyakova, Director of Agrofirma Slobozhanskaya LLC (Lugansk region)

Avangard: collective work and shared responsibility

Terminal meat bulls for dairy cows

Technologies. Researches. Innovations

Milking is even softer and more comfortable

Targeted feeding: how to save nutrients

How not to be in the red

Focus on milk quality and safety

Everything a cow needs

Dry cow management: an alternative approach

Transition period: dispelling myths with Dr. Rick Grumer

How to prevent mycotoxin synthesis in corn silage

Pasteurized abnormal Milk: Dangerous Safety

European quality in Ukrainian version

The effectiveness of the use of foot baths for the prevention of digital dermatitis of cows

Management classics

Five levels of management and leadership

Profitable Pig Production magazine