4 (23) | August, 2014

Table of contents


AVM News

Markets. Prices. Forecasts

Cattle breeding in Ukraine: results of six months

Milk rivers, buttered shores

The world market of milk and dairy products

Production and Market concentrated feeds

Opinion of the expert. Savings on feed - damage to farm

Special hygiene and labeling requirements

Our interviews

About development of dairy farming in the south of Ukraine. Interview with Rostislav Zinovsky, financial director of "Starokazatsky cheese" (Odessa region).

Legal terrain

Legal advice

Management and economics

Straw as an element of independence

Treatise on dairy cattle. Breeds

Effective reproduction on the farm

Technologies. Researches. Innovations

What is a pre-mix

Comfort in the stalls and barns

Lameness and longevity

The health of hooves: experience of orthopedic veterinarians ADP

Cold marking

The risk of infection with endotoxins

How to grow healthy calves

International experience

Ireland: twice as much milk from grass

Management classics

What to do when conflict flares up

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