6 (79) | December, 2023

Table of contents


How not to be outside the law: an innovation regarding the state control of milk

Ukrainian cheeses received 13 awards at the World Cheese Awards

Competitiveness, safety, efficiency and environmental friendliness: challenges and prospects of the dairy industry of Ukraine and the world

Markets. Prices. Forecasts

World dairy market: slowdown in raw milk production in the Northern Hemisphere

Feeds: prices are strengthening

Business strategy

Genetic decisions and the future of the herd

Zootechnician and agronomist: interaction algorithm

Management and economics

Dairy farm reference model: implementation experience and real results

Personnel a resource or capital, or Why it is important to systematically and professionally work with personnel

Technologies. Researches. Innovations

Choline as an essential nutrient for dairy cows in the transit period

Biochemical diagnosis of metabolic disorders in cows in the postpartum period

Comfortable conditions in fixed housing: the experience of Moloko Vitchyzny LLC

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