6 (31) | December, 2015

Table of contents


Point of view. To be or not to be for Ukrainian milk?

V International Congress of Zoetis

Markets. Prices. Forecasts

Ukrainian dairy industry: results of the year

Beef cattle and beef production

Consumer sentiment: what to expect and how to adapt

World market: the crisis of overproduction continues

Milk Rosh Hashanah

Feed grain

Concentrated feed

Expert opinion. New year with old risks

Business strategy

"Vitchyznas" Milk. Experience of "Vitchyzna" (Khorolsky district, Poltava region.)

Establishment of a professional goat breeding in Ukraine. Interview with Vasily Tsvik, chairman of the farm "Tatiana 2011" (Zgurovsky district, Kiev region.)

Management and economics

Managing a modern dairy farm

End justifies the means

Technologies. Researches. Innovations

Live spore culture in the diets of cattle

Rumisun as a source of feed nitrogen

Three enemies of feed making

Modern corn hybrids for dairy farming

Group size matters

How to get the best results from investments in genetics

Factors of cows infertility

Early diagnosis of metabolic and reproductive problems in cows during the transition period

International experience

Polish milky way in the EU

Management classics

Do Eskimos need snow in winter?

Philosophy of life

The parable about the two plow

Profitable Pig Production magazine