6 (19) | December, 2013

Table of contents


New milking parlour started working at Plemzavod Stepnoi

III International Congress from Zoetis

International Symposium on feeding cattle

AVM News

Dairy industry of Ukraine: Present and Future. A short interview with the president of ADP Andrei Dykun

Regulation of Dairy Market

Facts and Events

Cheese Country

6 Liters Two Full Three Liter Jars or Almost a Full Bucket

Markets. Prices. Forecasts

Ukrainian cattle breeding in January-October 2013

Cattle breeding in the world


Milk Processing. Between Dairy Farm and Consumer

At the crossroads

For change of foreign policy vector farmers will pay dearly

Our interviews

Two generations one case. Interview with Mykhailo and Lyudmyla Andrievski, LLC Krok-UkrZalizBud (Chernihiv region)

Management and economics

Agricultural Consulting: fad or time requirement?

Feed efficiency and its effect on feed intake

Hoof care: who and for what is responsible

Technologies. Researches. Innovations

Looking for milk in NDF

To sow silage hybrids is profitable

How to prepare corn silage in the mound

Shredlage: What Does It Go With?

Brewers Grain in Cattle Diets

The Role of Protected Fats in Dairy Cows' Ration

Peculiarities of Preweaning Period in Dairy Cattle

Management classics

Simple control of difficult dialogue

Philosophy of life

Illusory rebelliousness

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