5 (66) | October, 2021

Table of contents


National Farm Days 2021: the season is closed

The second stage of the robotic farm has been opened in PSP Ukraine

Markets. Prices. Forecasts

Dairy farming: the cost "eats" the price

World market. Results of the third quarter

Feed production: expensive oil and strong demand keep prices

Business strategy

In search of the golden mean. About the experience of LLC "Agrofirm by Shevchenko" (Chernihiv region)

Synergy effect. Interview with Denis Chebotar, Executive Director of DK VET LLC

Management and economics

Fresh cows: eliminate management errors

Lameness in cows: where do we lose and where can we gain? Part 2. Where can we gain

Technologies. Researches. Innovations

Preparation of roughage: the first results of the season 2021

Five myths about classic haylage

Macronutrients as factors in ensuring the health and high productivity of livestock

Why choose high-quality mycotoxin adsorbents for ruminants

Forage equipment: how to choose the right baler

How birds affect milk production

Clostridiosis on a dairy farm

The cow does not get up: why and what to do

Management classics

Demotivation: looking for reasons

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