4 (11) | August, 2012

Table of contents


AVM News

Pros and cons

Subsidies can not be given cancel where to put the comma?

Markets. Prices. Forecasts

Dairy Industry of Ukraine in the first half of 2012

Who consumes Ukrainian dairy products

World prices rocked the market of grain crops in Ukraine

Our interviews

One, two, three ... Interview with Yurii Lyla, the Financial Director of Shevchenko (Cherkasy region)

Private sector

Who wants to be a farmer?

Management and economics

Wrong investments

Not spare money

How does the State Compensation of interest rate on credit work?

Estimation of influence of improving the quality of forage on the competitiveness of milk production

Technologies. Researches. Innovations

Once again about corn silage

Preservation of wet grain as an alternative way to store

Rolled corn for feeding cattle

Brewers' grains for animal feed

DEMP source of microbial protein

Mycotoxins: a threat to the development of of dairy cattle breeding

Identification of the best heat time and forecasting of the fertility of cows

Sexed semen innovation in dairy farming at the stage of the herd reproduction management

International experience

Strategy of cows grouping

Dairy history

Maslosoyuz the legend of dairy case

Management classics

Measuring the loyalty of staff

Philosophy of life

Corporate humor

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