1 (74) | February, 2023

Table of contents


Dairy Recovery Roadmap: 10 Key Legislative Initiatives

Reduction of the VAT rate on milk and dairy products

Markets. Prices. Forecasts

Results of the dairy year

Overview of the feed market

Business strategy

Bioboom: European history

How to create your own energy island

Technologies. Researches. Innovations

Overwintering and spring assessment of alfalfa

Alternative roughage for dry cows

Simply about the complex: the impact and benefits of live yeast for dairy cows

Laboratory practice of research of physico-chemical parameters of feed: problems and ways to solve them

Diagnosis of metabolic disorders in cows during the transit period

The effect of hypocalcemia on the first lactation

How to set up calves' intestines for success

Antibiotic therapy for cows and calves: practical recommendations for the treatment of clinical cases

Winter ventilation in the barn as an element of cow comfort

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