Beet pulp: how not to lose nutrition

We continue to discuss the use of beet pulp in feeding cows. According to the estimate of the German nutritionist Udo Weber, today the maximum possible price of squeezed pulp with a dry matter content of 20-25% - as a feed, but not a byproduct - is 30-40 euros per ton. At the same time, the total actual cost of silaged pulp in Ukraine is about 10 euros/t (product cost + transportation + putting in the sleeve). Attention: 10 MJ of silaged Ukrainian pulp is about 0.043 EUR, while, for example, corn silage - 0,123 EUR. More than twice cheaper! About how not to lose the nutrition of a valuable product by the way from the factory and to the fodder place and get the desired result (of course, with reference to the many years of practical experience of Udo Weber), we will tell you now.

More information read in the magazine «Milk and Farm» No. 3 (46), June 2018

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