Feed market: tensions are rising

«I read a lot of publications on this topic, and I see a mistake that is repeated by absolutely everyone, talking about the „Ukrainian grain“ that saves the world from hunger and identifying it with wheat. This is not true — the problem is deeper and it is not seen, or just do not want to complicate. Below in more detail», — says Andiy Yarmak.

«The racists, and their grief analysts, are now very clumsily trying to justify that world hunger was not part of their plans. I suppose that this may not have been part of the plans (because their plans, like everything else, are nonsense), but the fact remains. At the very beginning of the war, my blog on the English version of the EastFruit website spoke about the prospects of world hunger as a result of the Russo-Nazis occupying Ukraine. Now everything is happening exactly as predicted. Finally, 80+ days after the start of the war, this threat began to be taken seriously in the world. But those who talk about the threat of hunger simply do not understand its true causes when talking about food grains. When they understand the real threat, they will start talking to the racists in a completely different tone.

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