Day of Milk and Cheese in Ukraine

02.11.2016 08:22:46

In a warm and friendly atmosphere passed the annual Day of milk and cheese in Kiev on September 25, organized by the Association of Milk Producers (AMP) and social project «I like milk.»

Place of meeting cannot be changed

02.11.2016 08:20:34

On 6th of September 4th Dutch Day of Milk, and for the third time LLC "Kischentsy" in Cherkasy welcomes all guests. More than ten years Case Husinga is at the head of this company, and a major line of their business is dairy farming.

Ukrainian Holsteins made their debut

26.08.2016 08:48:10

For the first time in Ukraine, milk producers attended the show of Holstein cows, which took place during the French Dairy Farm Day. The event was initiated by the Ukrainian Holstein Association (UHA).

The philosophy of the meat business

Every year shortfall from value-added beef production, in which Ukraine could be effectively engaged, about 1 bln. dollars are lost. Where are the money and how to get them back into the pocket of Ukrainian farmer, says economist of the investment department of the FAO Andrey Yarmak.

National Farm Day 2016 at Yekaterinoslavsky

26.08.2016 08:39:58

Reducing the cost of milk is one of the main factors of business saving. That is why the past few years, the quality of roughage — the basis of the ration, the guarantee of health and productivity of livestock — are constantly in the spotlight of the Association of Dairy Producers.

Consulting on the farm a step into the future!

Mykhailo Bilokin, head of the veterinary department of the CC ADP

The leaders of most dairy farmrs are interested in increasing the productivity of animals, the preservation and improvement of weight gain of young stock, as it helps to improve the efficiency of production and generate additional revenue. Worldwide to achieve these goals helps service centre.

The new milking parlor the new opportunities

26.08.2016 08:30:56

In the last year’s August edition of our magazine, we talked about the dairy complex JV «Promin» in Mykolayiv. Then here the new milking perlour was only begining to build: a concrete foundation was ready and metal frame was fitted. Alexander Ostapenko, director of the fsrm, noticed the uniqueness of the milking equipment and promised to invite us, as soon as all would work. He kept his word.

Control of abomasum displacement in cows

Mykola Taran, a veterinarian at LLC "Ukrainian dairy company"

Most of the health problems and the related veterinary costs are incurred within the first thirty days of lactation. Management and feeding during the dry period may influence the occurrence of disease at the time of calving. Along with such metabolic disorders as hypocalcemia, acidosis and ketosis in cows may occur abomasum displacement.

French Dairy Farm Day

26.08.2016 08:23:00

On 20 of June in the village of Sahunivka in Cherkasy region on the basis of Lomovate farm, the second French Dairy Farm Day was held. Six years ago, the farm became the part of «Euralis Semens Ukraine», which, in its turn, is a pert of French agro-industrial group Euralis.

Cooperation a child of poverty and mother of well-being

One of the main problems of development of small and medium business in Ukraine is a problem of effective marketing of agricultural products they produced, especially in international markets. Basically this is due to insufficient volumes to independent trade abroad.

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